Hello! I’m Suzi, a photographer and artist based in Wanaka, New Zealand.

 I create timeless bespoke photography, lifestyle photography and fine art prints.  I use natural light and a cinematic eye to produce top quality images.  

My love of photography started after several years in the film and television industry, when I found myself at home raising 3 children and picking up the camera.  This opened up a new world for me to explore creative ideas – as a photographer.  I use the lens as a tool express an idea, thought, dream, emotion or feeling.  I am always looking at light and shadow, and the natural beauty of form.

When it comes to lifestyle shoots I look to portray human connection with sensitivity and insight to capture defining moments, producing images with meaning and soul.

I also create photographic artwork from found and borrowed items.  This ‘side project’ of artwork and prints is inspired by the items I collect and borrow, putting together many different elements to create large fine art prints.  Natural forms like flowers and bone are used to mould and/or sculpt a character or story.

If you’re looking for a photographer to create meaningful beautiful images that will last you a lifetime, I’m your girl!